mom-washing + tar sands + environmental PR bullshit

It’s been ages and ages since I’ve written. No excuse for my absence and blogging complacency other than to admit that I’ve found other people are saying things way better than I can say them these days.  Case in point, this EXCELLENT blog-ticle about mom-washing – marketing not-so-cozy industry as cozy-loving-caring.

earth day – happy?

It’s been a crazy while and a winter that never was which may suddenly be making a comeback while tulips pop and cherry blossoms and forsythia bloom.

The earth is a miracle.

And there is only one.

Remember to always respect and love your mother.

AdBusters + Occupy Wall Street + Revolution

Hopefully this link will work – it’s from a CBC interview with Kalle Lasn, the editor and cofounder of ADBUSTERS – and the man who suggested/invented/inspired the OCCUPY movement. The revolution where the people aren’t sheeple and do their best to take back their lives and futures. And for your visual enjoyment, this was my Halloween costume. I was OCCUPIED!

peace + love + tolerance

#occupybaystreet #occupywallstreet #wearethe99%

Just back from occupybaystreet, occupycanada which was actually at st. james park near the st. lawrence centre since bay street was already closed for the big marathon tomorrow, which is ironically sponsored by a big bank. all in all seemed like a pretty chill gathering with peeps shouting about love and inclusion.

#occupywallstreet + we are the 99%

#occupywallstreet + we are the 99%.

#occupywallstreet + we are the 99%

Like loads of people, I am fascinated by the momentum of this movement. This new form of ECO-activism -where ECO is both about the physical environment and the economic environment. This weekend, it arrives in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. Bringing it back to its country of origin. Here I’d like to brag a little bit – and share some #occupywallstreet history. The genesis was an idea in the amazing ADBUSTERS. Inspired by the Arab Spring movements for democracy in the middle east, on September 27th, 2011, they issued a call to action for citizens to take charge of the economy – to encourage the power of the people. #OCCUPYWALLSTREET/Adbusters – which always has the pulse of environmental and social justice issues around the world has this very cool thing – a petition brought to life by a digital counter on Wall Street – aiming for 1 million signatures. So even if you’re not in New York, if this is something that resonates with you, the idea that like we do in Canada, American banks should be regulated and the wealthiest people should pay more taxes – you can add your presence to this monumental moment in world history – when the people try to take back democracy and make the world a better, more equitable place. COUNT YOURSELF IN

zero footprint + cutting emissions + environment

Dear Mother Earth…. I’m going to apologize in advance and promise to do my bestest to be and do better. Just used this zero footprint calculator and discovered I’m a resource hog! Even though my carbon footprint [2.3 earths as they call em’] is less than the average of 3.4 there is still a long way to go. My overall footprint is 5.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions! Which seems like a hugely disgusting number. Tonnes!!! Even if again it’s less than average [7.5]. But the good news is my goal is 1 tonne and I think I can definitely reduce things a little bit around here.
Anyway I thought the tool was cool and they’re trying to get one million young people to give it a spin.

earth day + mother nature + social justice

I know I’m supposed to love earth day. But like made-up greeting card holidays, I am against one special day for celebrating the things that matter.
The planet matters.
Caring about people matters.
Social justice matters.
Freedom, democracy and peace matter.
Let’s make sure that we don’t celebrate the earth day only once year. Every day is earth day! So love your mother. She’s the only one we’ve all got. HAPPY EVERYDAY EARTH!

free stuff + charity garage sales + japan fundraising

Spring has sprung. The robins are out. The snowdrops and crocuses (croci?) are popping up. And it’s time to for that annoying and liberating ritual – SPRING CLEANING! Lately I’ve been thinking about the massive amounts of stuff that I have – especially after seeing the incredible devastation in Japan and how it has erased lives. The broken earth, the crazy water and now the radiation everywhere. It’s harrowing and makes me feel sad and powerless.

So in my small way, I got a biggish idea. If you have more than you need, or things you don’t use, why not give them to someone else? According to my friends, I prattle (yes, they actually used this retro-granny word!) about this kind of thing a lot. And to that, I stick my tongue out and raspberry because my idea du jour is this….. collect things you’re not using and….
a. put them in front of your house with a “free” sign.
b. drop them off at the Goodwill or like minded shop.
c. organize a garage or street sale and give the proceeds to Japan relief organizations.
It’ll make you feel lighter, freer and helpful!

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