Stop Complaining

This awesome and heartbreaking website gives a peek into the lives of people in slums around the world.  When you click on the picturesof the people, they tell the story of their crazy crowded  homes and if you click the images you can see a 360 degree panorama shot.  Remember this next time youre pissed about your skimpy allowance or cuz you can’t have something.


Reduce Reuse Recycle

ecofont_voorbeeld_kleinThis is incredibly cool. Some graphic designers in Holland came up with the ecofont.  It’s got little bitty holes like Dutch cheese and uses 20% less ink when you print.

See, believe and even download@  ecofont


Obviously like almost everyone (except for some freakazoid luddites) I think yesterdaze historic events were the ultimate in coolness and positivity.

I like the mantra “yes we can!” But really the question remains, “will we?” I hope that all the happy blabby makes people think about their place in the world.

PS – Doing the right thing is hard work. And even amazing people have things they need to work on. And FYI Mr. President, you seem like a great guy, but this is so NOT cool. Mr. Pres, this is so NOT cool.

Green Twilight

‘Kay, I admit it. I thought that Twilight was ukky and sucky (pun intended) but I blame the silly book and not the director Catherine Hardwicke who isn’t doing the sequel.  Instead she will be directing a movie about The Monkey Wrench Gang. Tres cool .  I only hope she puts the very delish Emile Hirsch in it instead of silly hair dude.  He so rocked it in Lords of Dogtown.

The Revolution Will Not Include a Gift Shop

Ali G is in da house and he’s soooo  hilarious.  

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