Stop Complaining

This awesome and heartbreaking website gives a peek into the lives of people in slums around the world.  When you click on the picturesof the people, they tell the story of their crazy crowded  homes and if you click the images you can see a 360 degree panorama shot.  Remember this next time youre pissed about your skimpy allowance or cuz you can’t have something.

4 Responses

  1. earthgirl, this truly is a beautiful and heartbreaking photo essay. I’ve been to shantytowns in South Africa and Jamaica. A visit to such places really puts our padded and pampered lifestyles into perspective.

  2. Thx sistah. It’s amazing how proud these people remain despite everything they need and don’t have.

  3. It’s sad how the government ignored such a basic necessity for the peoples. Such a pity that they spend billions on another’s less demanding thingy yet put blind eyes on the slum issue.

    It’s sooo Indian.

  4. We have to remember our brothers and sisters around the world and around the corner and do what we can to share our good fortune!

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