Foxes on the prowl

WARNING: The video you are about to view is both adorable and also sort of sad. Tragic even. Yes the foxes are having a swell time bouncing around, but think about it. Wild animals were meant to be in the wild, not bouncing around in someone’s backyard. The closer we go to them, the closer they come to us and I’m not sure it’s such a good thing for the animals. Not that I have any answers. Do you?
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Body Billboards

This is whacked. For a few bucks a few people have shaved their heads and put up ads for an airline in New Zealand (And yes I recognize the irony of my telling you this here and giving the ad more mileage, however you’ll need telephoto vision to see it!)images-2
I mean, at least they’re being paid for it, unlike people who pay to have logos on their clothes…but holy crow, have a little dignity people!!!!!

Space Crash + Trash

I find the news that two satellites crashed in space so disturbing and creepy. There might be 10,000 teeny tiny pieces of junk flying around up in outer space now and they move FAST. Satellite Collision 7.8 km per second which is almost as fast as a speeding bullet and only a bit faster than a jet! Yikes. Isn’t it bad enough the world is our garbage can, now we have to travel beyond it to make a mess?

Environmental Excellence

My new Tweetie gal Desiree O has an AWESOME blog of ideas and links to incredible sites. I’ll probably borrow (ok pilfer!!) a few to post here at a later date, but for now check this grrrl out!

Food Fight

Confession – I never really got that whole Star Wars thang – but I know lots and lots of people did except for part seventeen or something. Anyway this is funny stuff about the not-so-funny business of food. And they sure worked hard on it! <a href=”“>

earth hour 2009

I love this! A group of university students from Ohio sent a Tweet to remind me to turn out the lights for one hour at 8:30pm on March 28, 2009. Mark your calendars people, this is a poetic act of solidarity for the planet. And imagine, you might even be able to see the stars + constellations in the city sky! Wow!

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