Earth Day Events

In honour of our MOTHER, Toronto is doing something kewl called The 20-Minute Makeover. No snappy haircuts or lipgloss application necessary. This Friday @ 2pm just bend over and pick up some trash and detritus from the streets. And you don’t have to be in the T-dot, you can be anywhere. And even do it every day. Don’t whine about trash on the streets or the parks or wherever, do something.

2 Responses

  1. I do this like every day and that makes me feel good to think part of our world is clean. I really want to protect our future.I don’t want my future living in a gar bage dump and you probley don’t want to either, so lets do somthing now. Me and my friends love our life so lets be happy that we have one and treat our earth very very very very very kindly.

  2. That is so awesome!!!! If everyone picked up one piece of trash every day (and people stopped treating the streets and parks like a garbage can!!!) the world would be clean and sparkling!

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