pedestrian + environmentally friendly

Just spent an AWESOME w/e in NYC. And big ups, the big apple is now a green apple. P5291540
Here’s the BEST…times square is partly closed to cars and they have lawn chairs everywhere – plus arty lawn chairs – get it haha! P5291548And coming soon to the village The High Line – a park over the ugly subway and bridge girders.park yer arse here!
I sooooooo heart NY. xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


environmental activism

A shout out to my boyz matt and chris for this new eco-blog. The Green Press is a forum for all things eco-visionary. “voices for a green planet”.
check ’em out

activism + petitions

Word of the day SLACKTIVISM. So wish I came up with it. It’s making yourself FEEL like you’re doing something to make the world a better place by forwarding an email or signing an online petition or sumthing.
But all yer doing is giving it up to e-pirate marketeers on the high-eeeesss ready to ambush you with stuff you may not want or likely don’t care about. I didn’t know this, but the only real petition is a REAL petition – old skule with paper and signatures and addresses. So it does take more to be more, but isn’t it work it?
In case the link is still wonked out….this is the URL

Jane Jacobs

More eco-active endeavours to enjoy (and alliteration!!!!). This w/e there are a bunch of walks through the home town of urbane and urban life guru Jane Jacobs – she of the POV that cities should be walked, lived in and loved well. But even if you’re not in Toronto, you can have your own city walk in her honour. RIP Jane, we need more of you in the world. eco-cityimages

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