Art + Bees + Knees

Went to the most lovely and creative of gathering in Cabbagetown, hosted by Ruby + Cassie’s friends the Woodn’t Bees. Super creative and smartyskirt gals known as Mabel Bee, Eliza Bee, Rose Bee and Bea Bee. The idea is to have a pot luck dinner with a visiting writer/filmmaker/artist/storyteller (insert art of your choice) and to learn and talk and laugh and eat. I saw the oh-so-lovely films of Mary Lewis from NFLD while there was a kitchen party with fiddle music and chowder – YUM!
Sadly for me, the Bees are flying off to Berlin but plan to pollinate hives all over the world. See the bees @

Bike Innovation

A super shoutout to my new uber-earth-gal Abby in Minnisota. She sent me some hilarious little inventions and this was my fave. A DIY cycle-rickshaw. Now you can double your friends in cozy comfy style! robinatrike

Comic Genius

Upsies to my grrrll Alyssa in Alberta for her funny random thoughts and pix. I sure wish I could draw like her, but I’m sure she’s glad I can’t. haha!images-3

Disposable Culture

Here’s something else that’s shocking. The actual prices of food, clothes, cars + appliances was LESS in 2007 than it was in 1970! How you may well ask? Cheap labour, disappearing manufacturing. Peeps are now motivated by price instead of quality and that means we BUY MORE STUFF. But like eating some crapola snackola at the fast food shack of your choice (insert mega-chain here) it’s not satisfying and we want MORE AND MORE AND MORE. So next time something is on sale, or a GREAT PRICE, think if it’s really worth the real cost.DONT BE CHEEP

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