Bike Innovation

A super shoutout to my new uber-earth-gal Abby in Minnisota. She sent me some hilarious little inventions and this was my fave. A DIY cycle-rickshaw. Now you can double your friends in cozy comfy style! robinatrike

4 Responses

  1. it’s re-using

  2. it’s re-“cycling” haha!!!

  3. Saw you at the Beehive. I complained about the state of the seas but feel reinvigorated after your talk. My MFA was on water, some stuff I found is at Esoterica, political and perhaps poetic. I’m going to go through your inspiring ideas now and thanks. Inger

  4. Inger – it was awesome to meet you at the Beehive! You are so kewl. I can’t believe you lived off the grid so long ago. Way before people even knew what the GRID was! Your photos are gorgeous. And I will look at your water research. Happy last daze of summer!

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