Girl power + girls matter +

imagesGirls around the world need out help. I like to think I’m aware of things but this number is truly scarios. Of the one billion people around the world living in extreme poverty, 70% are women and girls. And while we might moan, groan, complain and whine about going to school, 20 million girls never do because they can’t or aren’t allowed. Girls also face more violence than boys do.

So what can we do? You can join the sisterhood of BECAUSE I AM A GIRL from Plan Canada an international aid group. Super kewl website.

Car-Free + Green Cars + Sierra Club

Tuesday SEPTEMBER 22 is Care-Free day. I’m happy and sad. Happy that it’s happening, sad it’s not on a weekend so me and my peeps needn’t skip class to partake. Then again, maybe the idea is to remind daily traffic-makers to remember there are bikes and people who share the road too.

I would include the link, but alas, apparently it’s dangerous. Not sure why, but you can google carfreedays to check it out.

And, like I said before, and appropos of the posting above…
Kensington Market in Toronto, Canada is the bomb! This is the green car parked by my fave burrito + veggie haunts. It used to get towed away (why, for being beautiful, emitting oxygen???) but happily now is making people happy and keeping the air clean.P8281805P8281807

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