Plastic + toxins + Pacific garbage patch

1255628127I’m sorry to present something as disturbing as this on a gorgeous, crunchy fall day, however this is what happens to unwanted, discarded plastic. They call these birds Albatross, but it’s clear we are the real albatross around their tiny, fragile necks.

Corporate Sponsorship + Global Awareness + Water Crisis + Live Earth

So that info on the amazing Plastiki led to more info about plastic and strange connections – as in big corporate polluting type organizations jumping on the enviro-bandwagon (LITERALLY) by partnering with Live Earth. The latest is Dow Chemical (makers/creators of more than 100,000 chemicals since the 1930s, some good, some, NOT SO MUCH) sponsoring a great cause – the need for clean water and accessible wells around the world. images-2

Please let me know your thoughts on this because I’m trying to understand my own! WORLD WATER RUN
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Plastic bottles + Plastiki + Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch

I’ve been meaning to write about this appalling mass of plastic detritus and garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean. It’s the size of TEXAS – and made mostly of our wasted, useless plastic bottles. So this guy David de Rothschild has made a boat out of 12,000 plastic water bottles and will sail 12,000 miles from San Francisco to Australia to raise awareness of this horrific environmental nightmare.

And guess what? He actually started following ME on twitter! So kewl. Guess I needed to be reminded to post this very shocking and important info to remind you to stop buying drinks in plastic bottles! Tap water rocks.

environmental action

Another shout out to my tweeties who send me great ideas for being a better me.
This one goes to Amanda Golding in the UK for her groovy action in action blog.
Because if not us, who?

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