Plastic bottles + Plastiki + Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch

I’ve been meaning to write about this appalling mass of plastic detritus and garbage patch floating in the Pacific Ocean. It’s the size of TEXAS – and made mostly of our wasted, useless plastic bottles. So this guy David de Rothschild has made a boat out of 12,000 plastic water bottles and will sail 12,000 miles from San Francisco to Australia to raise awareness of this horrific environmental nightmare.

And guess what? He actually started following ME on twitter! So kewl. Guess I needed to be reminded to post this very shocking and important info to remind you to stop buying drinks in plastic bottles! Tap water rocks.

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    Who is the biggest manufacturer of plastic in the world?

    Hint: they are also the lead sponsor of LIVE EARTH

  2. Is it a giant cola conglom-abomination? Bet it is!

  3. We all know disposable water bottles are wasteful and bad for the environment, yet their production is growing rapidly everywhere. Just 20 years ago the market for plastic water bottles was practically nonexistent, but today we produce billions of these completely unnecessary products. There can be only one sane response, plastic water bottles must be banned!

  4. Thank you so much for the post Canada guy. And now that the wisdom of plastic bags has been revisited by local governments (and people have to pay for them!!!) maybe the same will happen with water bottles. BRING BACK THE PUBLIC WATER FOUNTAIN!

  5. Yes, that is good to see. Now they just have to get Timmy’s to stop giving out double cups to everyone! 🙂

  6. That one is easy if people would just carry their own car cups! And cutlery to avoid the five minute munch-shovel of fast-fooding. (it’s hard to get rid of EVERYTHING nefarious, so let’s start with the small things!)

  7. Hi, interesting blog! Please support our campaign to get rid of 13 million plastic bottles every year that are left in Venice by its 20 million annual visitors. See for details and take 10 seconds to sign our petition and help a good environmental cause!

  8. That’s horrific? Thanks for the link David.

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