Plastic + toxins + Pacific garbage patch

1255628127I’m sorry to present something as disturbing as this on a gorgeous, crunchy fall day, however this is what happens to unwanted, discarded plastic. They call these birds Albatross, but it’s clear we are the real albatross around their tiny, fragile necks.

2 Responses

  1. This really is sickening. I just watched the Eco Trip episode featuring bottled water, which exposed this appalling problem. These poor birds. They are so beautiful and the fact that they die such a painful and slow death because of us, just…well…nauseates me and brings me to tears.

    What can I do to help stop this?

  2. I don’t pretend to have the answers, but I try to make sure I’m not contributing to the problem. It might be a small thing, but if we stop drinking bottled water (pop/juice) and encourage other people to stop too. Buy and use less plastic packaging and recycle what we can that’s a start. Also lobbying governments for stricter regulations. There are bird rescue groups that clean up birds who get covered in oil but for these poor beauties it’s too late so we have to make sure the problem doesn’t get bigger. Check out the Plastiki people, Greenpeace, Sierra Club and Suzuki Foundation for more ideas on how to help. I hope that helps!

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