shoptimism + consumerism + buy nothing day

November 27th is BUY NOTHING DAY – a day to quite simply be happy with what you have + not look for happiness in things + stuff + such. BUY NOTHING!!

So it turns out that this dude Mark Boyle in the UK got so into the idea that he’s spent the last year buying nothing. AS IN NOTHING. Not even FOOD! He lives in a camper on an organic farm where he trades work for food. This be his blog. Just for the love of it

Powerful if not a bit extreme. And tough.
So on the other side, in time for this big day is a new book called Shoptimism which is all about why we shop and how we can buy our way out of the economic doldrums. Thing is, the writer is talking about how we’re immune to advertising yet buying something that’s socially hip can be considered a NEED. Seems a tad contradictory to me.
Guess I want to make sure that I only WANT what I truly NEED.


toxins + cosmetics + food safety + chemicals

Today I give you a useful tool for all your soaping, shampooing and make up needs and little indulgences. The awesome SKIN DEEP DATABASE rates the compounds in every day beauty and cleaning products on a scale of zero-10 for goodygoodyness and rather badiness. images-2 As I try not to support wastefulness, I don’t think you should throw out everything you have in your bathrooms, but pay attention next time you go out to get something for your face or body.
PS I luv Dr. Bronners all natural/fair trade almond soap to wash my hair, face and house!

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