toxins + cosmetics + food safety + chemicals

Today I give you a useful tool for all your soaping, shampooing and make up needs and little indulgences. The awesome SKIN DEEP DATABASE rates the compounds in every day beauty and cleaning products on a scale of zero-10 for goodygoodyness and rather badiness. images-2 As I try not to support wastefulness, I don’t think you should throw out everything you have in your bathrooms, but pay attention next time you go out to get something for your face or body.
PS I luv Dr. Bronners all natural/fair trade almond soap to wash my hair, face and house!

2 Responses

  1. I think that the majority of cosmetics and “personal care” products are unnecessary and just waste a lot of energy and produce a lot of waste (not to mention all the packaging and shipping around the world!) Animal rights people have other objections too. Think how much we could reduce emissions if we got rid of 95 percent of this stuff.

    We need the basics to keep clean and healthy, but I think things like makeup need to go to the dustbin of history. This is mostly just a holdover from patriarchal times. Another way to put it: Natural is Green!

  2. Natural is the NEW BLACK!!! haha!

    I agree, the marketing and packaging are really appalling. And people waste tons of money seeking outer beauty rather than looking inside. That said, I confess to liking to pumice my feet and cover them in peppermint cream. Or to smell like an almond or lavender. The Dr. Bronner stuff is the bomb – very concentrated and can be used for anything. Plus fair trade. But it’s like cars, they aren’t going away – so I guess I look for the best compromise with the smallest footprint, if that makes sense. Thanks for stopping in Canadaguy and sharing your very profound thoughts! You ROCK!!!

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