water + food + freedom + green day

So many things on this beautiful, sunny GREEN St. Patty’s Day! Coming up on March 22 it’s world water day. Time to reflect on how fortunate we are to have free, clean drinking water at our fingertips, when so many millions of people around the world don’t. So do what you can to conserve water (like don’t run the tap when you brush your teeth – duh!!!) and also to share your time and money so people around the world can have access to clean, safe water. WORLD WATER DAY

And….further to my previous posts on the amazing BECAUSE I’M A GIRL site. I was invited to a lunch by Plan Canada and so excited to learn the power for a well placed gesture. Empowered girls = social change and an investment in the education and advancement of girls is an investment in communities and countries. For more amazing ideas and info check out The Girl Effect

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