pesticides + food + environment

I’ve noticed that my entry on factory farming in China and pesticide use is very very popular.
So in light of that, I bring you this link to the AMAZING Environmental Working Group, which I love for its Skin Deep directory on the things we put ON OUR BODIES. So here, without further adieu, a little bit about what we put IN OUR BODIES and their directory of foods high and low in pesticides..

earth day + environmental + social justice

As a prelude to EARTH DAY, I’d like to say that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY!!!!
We are just visitors here and stewards of the lovely planet so we have to be good guests and clean up after ourselves.

A few earthy ideas…..
Ride yer bike more. Good for your body, good for Gaia!
Trade, share, barter!
Always carry a string bag.
And a reusable water bottle.
Shop local. Buy less. BE MORE!!!

Also – this Friday the City of Toronto is doing a 20-minute make over again. I have to confess mixed feelings for this. It’s great that we clean up and take responsibility for keeping our city clean, but it should not be made dirty in the first place. So while we should do our part and pick up bits of trash we spot, where ever you live, and let’s try not to HAVE to do this next year!

food + vegetarians + factory farming + environment

Lately there’s been a big hoo-haw about the horrific eating habits of North Americans, particularly children. The lovely Jamie Oliver is on a crusade to change the way food is served in schools so kids can eat better and get smarter since good nutrition leads to better education.
But what about us, I’ve been wondering what can we do that’s valuable and sustainable (becuz it’s not always easy being good and green!) and lo and behold, my Treehugger emails pops up with the solution. It’s called the Weekday Vegetarian, and duh, it means you save your (organic) meat eating for weekends. Cut your carbon footprint and do your body good.
It’s significant (reduces impact by 70%).
It’s not too restrictive.
It’ll save you money.
It’s good for your health.
You can start today.

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