earth day + environmental + social justice

As a prelude to EARTH DAY, I’d like to say that EVERY DAY IS EARTH DAY!!!!
We are just visitors here and stewards of the lovely planet so we have to be good guests and clean up after ourselves.

A few earthy ideas…..
Ride yer bike more. Good for your body, good for Gaia!
Trade, share, barter!
Always carry a string bag.
And a reusable water bottle.
Shop local. Buy less. BE MORE!!!

Also – this Friday the City of Toronto is doing a 20-minute make over again. I have to confess mixed feelings for this. It’s great that we clean up and take responsibility for keeping our city clean, but it should not be made dirty in the first place. So while we should do our part and pick up bits of trash we spot, where ever you live, and let’s try not to HAVE to do this next year!

2 Responses

  1. I agree with you that everyday should be Earth Day and everyone should make an effort to do it green! I do like that Earth Day brings awareness to those that have never given it much thought. I was creating this Earth Day Costumes Video for Awareness in 2010 and did get a lot of people asking why I was dressed in costumes at each location. It gave me a chance to explain as well as throw in some simple suggestions of how they could change up their daily routines to make it more green. Hopefully this year more people will learn how to make the Earth a better place for us and a future for our children.

  2. A fun video with some scary eco-facts. Let’s not trash our planet! Thanks for this Nova.

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