oil spill + environment + birds

I apologize for this horrific image which I’m sure breaks your heart the way it does mine. I think it’s because these poor innocent creatures are so helpless to our industrial folly and idiocy. Before we came along and mucked up their world, they managed just fine, but then we made a mess and well….

Oil covered birds are cleaned with Dawn laundry detergent, Qtips and toothbrushes and up to 300 gallons of hot water. It can take up to an hour to clean a large bird and with potentially hundreds of thousands of ducks, pelicans and sea critters getting slimed with toxic black ooze, that means a lot of time, love and hope.

Shout out to the amazing Treehugger which has a reporter roving the coast of the OIL SPILL CALAMITY/TRAVESTY and has this amazing report with video links.

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