air conditioning + fans + heat wave + global warming

Okay maybe it’s time to get un-conditioned to air-conditioning. Yes this may not be the most popular sentiment during a crazy heat wave, but paradox, our A/C consumption / demands / expectations are in part fuelling our crazy heat waves and our desire / wants / insistence. So round and round we go.

A few scary stats: In the next 40 years, global demand for A/C will increase 65-72% In the US, 20% of electricity consumption is for A/C. The highest amount in history.

I am aware that hospitals, nursing homes and lots of locations need A/C for the safety and comfort of people. But think about it, isn’t it a little odd to have to wear a sweater in your home or office if it’s 30 degrees (90+ farenheit) and humid, a mere few feet away, behind the walls that enclose you?

The solution to cooling this trend? Fans are great. Ceiling fans better. Moving around to the coolest location in the house. Planting trees near your house or building. Pulling the shades down. Remembering that our comfort has a high cost for the planet.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I was born in South Africa, but have grown up in the USA, whenever I go home to visit family I am struck by the fact that no one has AC!! Their homes are build in a way that they get a cross breeze, and do not get a lot of afternoon sun. (hmmmm…. and we seem to think “eco-building” is a NEW idea). In the very hot months they, GASP …. have a fan running.
    I agree 100% that we have to make huge changes in the way we live as a culture.
    Thanks for the good example! I am trying to be the change I want to see as well.

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