freecycling + recycling + purging + give your stuff away day

The artist William Morris said, don’t have anything in your house you can’t use or isn’t beautiful. And we all know we’re a bit guilty of both, so I share some awesome ideas for the new season. Forget spring cleaning and think fall exchanging!!!
September 25 is GIVE YOUR STUFF AWAY DAY – which is pretty self-explanatory. You just put things you don’t want or need anymore on the curb for people to take. The concept is part of the freecycling movement, an idea that has kept over 500 tons of junk a day out of landfills. To give you some idea of how much STUFF that is, it’s five times the height of Mount Everest in a year – if it were piled up in garbage trucks. Perfectly good stuff that is no use to you, might be really useful to someone else! So spread the love. Freecycle

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