about earthgirl

Hey, I’m Sabine, but my friends call me Bean.  

I don’t want to be totally narcissistic about this, even if — paradox alert — this is my blog, but for the record I’m about caring, consideration, global consciousness and social responsibility. (And excellent indie music!)

The way I see it, Mother Nature takes care of us so it’s up to us to take care of her back.

As for my place on this planet, I live in Toronto. And in the esphere you can find me and see what I’m up to on:

Twitter: @earth_girl

Or send me an eee.


28 Responses

  1. Hi Bean (if I may call you that).

    A lovely friend from Toronto told me about your blog thingo so I thought I’d swing by and say ‘lo.

    So ‘lo!

    Looking forward to reading all about you, and your adventures in Toronto….

    Best wishes from Oz, Al

  2. Hey down there!
    Thanks for the big ups. I listened to your music and it’s totally awesome!!!!
    Be sure to let me know when you might be touring round these parts!

  3. apparently we’re all famous now. let’s not let it go to our heads

  4. are you making fun of me alta? cuz if you are that’s ok too. 🙂

  5. Hey earthgirl, cool blog. having read your stuff, i totally feel like we know each other. 🙂 environmental stewardship rocks!

  6. Hi,

    I loved theplaceswelive website. I constantly struggle in wrapping my brain around these situations. While the problem is much larger than anyone can possibly imagine….I have to ask, How did the world get like this in the first place? And if I ask this and see how the world is shaping itself, I then have to ask, What is the point of it all? I have been a “green” person since I was a child, dedicated in trying to do my part in bettering the world. But sometimes it is all too daunting and with the population steadily rising to 7 billion, the pessimistic person inside me believes that the world will never change. Who enjoys the benefits if we do our part? Most likely us…not others halfway around the world. I have to wonder if it means anything.

    However, I see beautiful things everyday that make me appreciate life. I love my family unconditionally and would crumble if anything happened to them. Our capacity as humans to feel any emotion, good or bad, makes our lives very unique in this world and images like the ones shown make me remember how lucky I am and how I have the ability to make some small change. I only hope my ripple goes as far as Kenya.

    I think this blogspot will definitely make people question their part in this world and that, I think, is possibly one of the best motivators out there. Keep up the work!

  7. Thank you so much Keegan. Your heart and conscience will carry us through. We can all learn from it.

  8. Hello, I was just thinking, I live in Alberta by the way, and now they’re trying to stop people from using plastic bags by selling re- usable bags, and they’ve made the cost of the plastic bags higher. I was just thinking, about the book earthgirl, that we could put up a sponsor for the major supermarkets, like Superstore, Zellers, Co-op, Sobeys, etc. to advertise your book (earthgirl) on posters, because of all the global warming, aand people could read it, and get inspiration, well, tell me what you think! please e- mail me in the e- mail included ^^.

  9. Hi Jay….kewl idea….will look into it! Happy summer to you!!!!

  10. It’s too rainy to do anything rite about now… any ideas?

  11. It’s never too rainy to jump in puddles!!!!!! One of my fave things.

  12. Im so bored there is nothing to do I went biking but after a few hours I was bored and all of my friends are away what can I do for fun?

  13. sorry your peeps are away and you’ve no playmates. i think the bike ride was an awesome plan. maybe you could clear some trails to ride? or do a scavenger hunt and collect garbage then photograph it and send me pix! I’ll post ’em here and we can set up a challenge to all other earth lovers! maybe i should try to find some time to do that too – but i’m working as much as possible. hmmm…lemme know what you think. bean

  14. Very cool blog Sabine 🙂 I stumble across it through Mark Boyle’s Freeconomy 😀

    I think it’s great you’re putting yourself out there. Sounds like you’ve had quite the experiences in life 😀

    I live in Toronto as well, am about to launch a book (could it potentially be as good as EarthGirl?), love music big-time, and founded a movement (SpiritSentient) you might find interesting.

    Anyway, keep rockin’

  15. Hey Jason, thanks for the ups. And v. kewl site. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to check out Jason’s society for being part of something bigger than just you!

  16. Hey Earthgirl(woman)
    I just want to say thank you, you’ve kinda got me pumped!
    But at the same time i feel right lost, I’m a guess a semi-vegetarian (no red meat, but chicken&fish)… i try not to fall to the consumer craze but it’s hard and it doesn’t really help that i live in a small MARITIME town (I AM CANADIAN!!)
    So if you could just drop me a line, to help me help myself, help mother earth that would be amazing !

    Thanks, Jordan-Leigh

  17. Omg, WOW, I thought the book was fiction. I was reading it and was like hmmm, I wonder if these sites really work, ’cause it’d be amazing if they did and lo and behold, They DO!!! I’m like really surprised and Excited it about it. I don’t know what to say other than you are amazing!! 🙂 Oh and I read the other comment, I’m Veg too! 🙂 Its fun. Food actually tastes better (At least if you have the right recipes lol )


  18. heeey
    her from the netherlands,
    i read your book,
    really cool!
    and i really wanna see you again in toronto!
    with your scary stair 😛
    i see and speak you (i hope so) again!

  19. hey earthgirl,
    i read the book earthgirl and i found it really offensive. i felt like the sabine’s sudden realization that it’s our job to deal with the problems we’ve bestowed on the earth and her naive yet self-righteous world view portrayed environmentalists in a terribly undermining way (not to mention the character vray, which fulfilled the stereotype that environmentalists are rich hipsters masquerading as down-to-earth people and go to extremes to make themselves feel as though they’re helping the world). and it didn’t help that sabine was obsessed with vray and really seemed to care more about his reputation and looks than what he did for the environment or how he acted. i really think what we are doing to the environment is fucked and i try to have as little impact as i can. i believe in direct action and constructive thinking and acting to create a sustainable world. it hurts me when i see both people who are pessimistic and think we can’t change our ways, and people (like sabine) who are fooling themselves with greenwashed solutions like hybrid cars and imported organic produce. what we need is subsistence farming. bikes. high import and export taxes. collectivizing corporations. we need to educate ourselves and each other. we need to shop smart or not at all. we need to quit flying around the world. we need to compost. and squat. and install rainwater catchment systems. and school gardens.
    this isn’t going to happen through revolution. we can’t change our ways in one mass realization. we can’t kill off anyone who isn’t “green” enough. those of us who reduce our footprints can’t be high and mighty. we have to step outside our young hipster activist circles and involve people of every class, race and age.
    i am sorry to have to say this. i just want you to know that i think the book portrays activists in a terrible way.
    anyone who wants a really good, fact-based, deep and inspiring book discussing the same issues without the romantic fluff could try julia butterfly hill’s the legacy of luna.
    isabel xochitl

  20. Isabel, thank you so much for your incredible and passionate letter. I really wish the world were full
    of informed and evolved people like you. Unfortunately my experience has shown me (and consequently my
    writing) that we still have soooooo much to learn to take better care of the planet and people. The book
    and blog are my hopes to build greater awareness of eco and social justice causes (and to introduce the un-initiated
    to the wonderful legacies of people like Julie Butterfly Hill and David Suzuki)

  21. is the book a true story about you? it read like fiction.

  22. It is fiction for young adults, so the main audience is 13+. But it’s based on my observations and some experiences.

  23. Wow. I picked this book up at my local library (unfortunately couldn’t check it out, but I will really soon) and didn’t want to put it down! I’m so glad there’s a blog, because it looks pretty cool and after the BP incident I really want to learn more about environmentalists. Isabel Xochitl, you are absolutely right. We weren’t put on the planet to ruin it, and with…what is it now, 60 to 65 million?..barrels of oil dumped in the Gulf of Mexico per day, we aren’t exactly doing a great job of protecting our planet.
    Save the Earth…it’s the only home we’ve got!

  24. Hey Julie – thanks for the post and shoutout. I heard Dr. David Suzuki speak this week http://www.davidsuzuki.org/ and he shared some pretty despairing news about our consumer ethos and what we’re doing to our beloved planet. We’ve past the tipping point so we have to be passionate, active and loud and get political to change things.

  25. I’m reading your book and I love it! I’ve been a girl guide for most of my life and I understand how important our world is. It does get kind of heart-breaking sometimes though… my guide troop was doing a garbage cleanup near our local wal-mart and it was horrible. There was a small stream running next to the road that was literally dammed with garbage. There were layers of garbage. And the worst part is…. that wal-mart has barely been there a year. It’s newly built. I shudder to think of what it’ll look like in 2 years.

  26. It will be clean and fantastic because people like you take care of the world! I’m doing a park clean up in my neighbourhood on Saturday!

  27. Like many others, I found that parts of your story misportrayed environmentalists, but if Sabine was so obsessed with the environment, why wasn’t she a vegan or at least a vegetarian. I also want to thank you because your book inspired me to re-design my blog.

  28. Loraxgirl! Love your name….and if you found any inspiration, that makes me very happy. It’s not easy to be a steward of the planet – there’s so much to think about – but even baby steps are a start.

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