free stuff + charity garage sales + japan fundraising

Spring has sprung. The robins are out. The snowdrops and crocuses (croci?) are popping up. And it’s time to for that annoying and liberating ritual – SPRING CLEANING! Lately I’ve been thinking about the massive amounts of stuff that I have – especially after seeing the incredible devastation in Japan and how it has erased lives. The broken earth, the crazy water and now the radiation everywhere. It’s harrowing and makes me feel sad and powerless.

So in my small way, I got a biggish idea. If you have more than you need, or things you don’t use, why not give them to someone else? According to my friends, I prattle (yes, they actually used this retro-granny word!) about this kind of thing a lot. And to that, I stick my tongue out and raspberry because my idea du jour is this….. collect things you’re not using and….
a. put them in front of your house with a “free” sign.
b. drop them off at the Goodwill or like minded shop.
c. organize a garage or street sale and give the proceeds to Japan relief organizations.
It’ll make you feel lighter, freer and helpful!


charity + cartoons + music + kindness

In the spirit of kindness, giving and happy holidaze…I present an index of OVER 80,000 Canadian charities! Zowie. Charity Directory

Plus, for yer musical enjoyment, a super fun charity video from the UK with all kinds of cartoon friends – teletubbies, spongebob, bob the builder, paddington and at 2.5 minutes there’s a great treat!
spread the love.

charity + eco-gifts + sharing

With the holidaze upon us, there’s a load of hype to get us buy groovy things so we can look + feel and BE better. There’s one commercial on TV right now that’s irritating the crap out of me.

It’s for the brilliant charity Right to Play that helps kids in the third world get to play soccer and other organized sports. Except it’s not really. It’s for Roots + Mastercard who implore you to buy something so THEY can make a donation and give themselves a corporate pat on the back. I’m like, hey, that’s nice, but why don’t we just give to the charity directly, duh? Or any charity.

There are so many wonderful causes – so instead of Secret Santa, why doesn’t everyone chip in five bucks and buy a goat, or a breakfast program for kids in your hood or save endangered animals. Just an idea. We already have so much, it’s a nice idea to share.
Right to Play
Gifts of Hope

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