World Water Day

images2It’s World Water Week, a time to reflect on how lucky we are to be able to turn on the tap and drink, clean, clear, safe water. In many places it takes hours to haul water which is sketchy best. UNICEF has something happening till March 28 called the Tap Project. Pay a buck for tap water at a participating restaurant that one glass will turn into 40 days of clean drinking water for a child! Or give some $$ – see URL below.

And only turn on the tap when you MUST. Canadians use an average of 329 litres of water a day PER PERSON! That’s twice as much as peeps in Europe. Plus we flush all kinds of crap and toxins down the drain too. Health Canada says 60 water treatment plants are being tested to check wonky levels of drugs, plastics + Bisphenol A. And 100 First Nations communities in this country have boil water advisories!!! I don’t know the answer to this big water debacle other than to say mother nature’s resources are precious and we must care for them so they care for us!

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