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I’ve noticed that my entry on factory farming in China and pesticide use is very very popular.
So in light of that, I bring you this link to the AMAZING Environmental Working Group, which I love for its Skin Deep directory on the things we put ON OUR BODIES. So here, without further adieu, a little bit about what we put IN OUR BODIES and their directory of foods high and low in pesticides..

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Lately there’s been a big hoo-haw about the horrific eating habits of North Americans, particularly children. The lovely Jamie Oliver is on a crusade to change the way food is served in schools so kids can eat better and get smarter since good nutrition leads to better education.
But what about us, I’ve been wondering what can we do that’s valuable and sustainable (becuz it’s not always easy being good and green!) and lo and behold, my Treehugger emails pops up with the solution. It’s called the Weekday Vegetarian, and duh, it means you save your (organic) meat eating for weekends. Cut your carbon footprint and do your body good.
It’s significant (reduces impact by 70%).
It’s not too restrictive.
It’ll save you money.
It’s good for your health.
You can start today.

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SCARIOS – farming practices in China are responsible for more pollution than factories! According to GREENPEACE, this has become one of China’s worst environmental crises. Greenpeace campaign director Sze Pangcheung. “China needs to step up the fight against the overuse of fertilisers and pesticides and promote ecological agriculture which has obvious advantages for human heath, the environment, and sustainable development of agriculture.”
WHAT CAN WE DO? Make sure that you buy organic and local food and support local farmers. Cheaper food from China has huge COSTS.

eat local

A little bitty shout out to my grrlll Heather J. for alerting me to this nutricious and informative little vid. Admittedly I’m slightly skepty about the corporate source but I do believe in the message and the stats are SHOCKING. EAT LOCAL. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FARMERS – They’re your neighbours on this big planet of earth.

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