Car-Free + Green Cars + Sierra Club

Tuesday SEPTEMBER 22 is Care-Free day. I’m happy and sad. Happy that it’s happening, sad it’s not on a weekend so me and my peeps needn’t skip class to partake. Then again, maybe the idea is to remind daily traffic-makers to remember there are bikes and people who share the road too.

I would include the link, but alas, apparently it’s dangerous. Not sure why, but you can google carfreedays to check it out.

And, like I said before, and appropos of the posting above…
Kensington Market in Toronto, Canada is the bomb! This is the green car parked by my fave burrito + veggie haunts. It used to get towed away (why, for being beautiful, emitting oxygen???) but happily now is making people happy and keeping the air clean.P8281805P8281807

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