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I’ve noticed that my entry on factory farming in China and pesticide use is very very popular.
So in light of that, I bring you this link to the AMAZING Environmental Working Group, which I love for its Skin Deep directory on the things we put ON OUR BODIES. So here, without further adieu, a little bit about what we put IN OUR BODIES and their directory of foods high and low in pesticides..

food + environment + pollution + pesticides

SCARIOS – farming practices in China are responsible for more pollution than factories! According to GREENPEACE, this has become one of China’s worst environmental crises. Greenpeace campaign director Sze Pangcheung. “China needs to step up the fight against the overuse of fertilisers and pesticides and promote ecological agriculture which has obvious advantages for human heath, the environment, and sustainable development of agriculture.”
WHAT CAN WE DO? Make sure that you buy organic and local food and support local farmers. Cheaper food from China has huge COSTS.

Food Fight

Confession – I never really got that whole Star Wars thang – but I know lots and lots of people did except for part seventeen or something. Anyway this is funny stuff about the not-so-funny business of food. And they sure worked hard on it! <a href=”“>

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