oil spill + environment + birds

I apologize for this horrific image which I’m sure breaks your heart the way it does mine. I think it’s because these poor innocent creatures are so helpless to our industrial folly and idiocy. Before we came along and mucked up their world, they managed just fine, but then we made a mess and well….

Oil covered birds are cleaned with Dawn laundry detergent, Qtips and toothbrushes and up to 300 gallons of hot water. It can take up to an hour to clean a large bird and with potentially hundreds of thousands of ducks, pelicans and sea critters getting slimed with toxic black ooze, that means a lot of time, love and hope.

Shout out to the amazing Treehugger which has a reporter roving the coast of the OIL SPILL CALAMITY/TRAVESTY and has this amazing report with video links.

food + environment + pollution + pesticides

SCARIOS – farming practices in China are responsible for more pollution than factories! According to GREENPEACE, this has become one of China’s worst environmental crises. Greenpeace campaign director Sze Pangcheung. “China needs to step up the fight against the overuse of fertilisers and pesticides and promote ecological agriculture which has obvious advantages for human heath, the environment, and sustainable development of agriculture.”
WHAT CAN WE DO? Make sure that you buy organic and local food and support local farmers. Cheaper food from China has huge COSTS.

New Year’s Revolution

So here it is. A new year a new decade. A new start. Then again every day, every minute is a new beginning.At the risk of repeating myself, I am going to once more present one of the most extraordinary things I saw last year. It’s an audio + photo essay of people living in slums around the world. Proud people who invited other people into their very humble (and by our standards awful) homes. We have so much that sometimes we forget how little we actually need. Home Sweet Home

I also did a peruse of my postings of late and realized water is a big theme. Over 70% of the world is covered in water. And about 60% of our bodies are made up of water. WATER IS LIFE. Which brings me to another astonishing website – about a film called WaterLife. Drink in this amazing and beautiful and important information.

Plastic + toxins + Pacific garbage patch

1255628127I’m sorry to present something as disturbing as this on a gorgeous, crunchy fall day, however this is what happens to unwanted, discarded plastic. They call these birds Albatross, but it’s clear we are the real albatross around their tiny, fragile necks.

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