ethical gifts + sustainable giving + holiday ideas

It’s that time of year again – consumerama-mania. Now I’m not about to say getting gifties isn’t awesome, but getting things you won’t really want or need is so not on. So in an effort to ensure your thoughtfulness is a big hug for the planet, I’ve got some great ideas. Gifts of Hope
Plan Canada and other charities let you buy things like goats, school supplies or even train teachers. What could be nicer than honouring your favourite teacher by helping other people learn. Sure beats getting them more scented candles or picture frames. Bet they already have enough.
Also – Tony from ethical ocean passed on this link which helps you buy green, sustainable products. EthicalOcean And finally, when you are wrapping things up, try newspapers, or use giftbags or even fabric scraps or tea towels that can be reused or recycled. Love people + the planet. Happy ethical holidaze!!!


Earth Day Events

In honour of our MOTHER, Toronto is doing something kewl called The 20-Minute Makeover. No snappy haircuts or lipgloss application necessary. This Friday @ 2pm just bend over and pick up some trash and detritus from the streets. And you don’t have to be in the T-dot, you can be anywhere. And even do it every day. Don’t whine about trash on the streets or the parks or wherever, do something.

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