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Today I speak of the love of bikes. In Toronto it’s bike month, even though every day should be bike day. Everywhere. What an absolutely amazing invention in terms of fun, use, and exercise.

Bikes make us better people and the world a better place.

A little history of bikes. Originally it was believed they were invented in France in 1860 by pappa Pierre and son Ernest Michaux who made horse carriages. Ernest is credited with pedals and cranks since it’s known that bikes are older including a German push-bike shown in Paris in 1818. And ever before that, in 1790, something similar.

Of course I’d by lying if I didn’t also say that my love of bikes is linked to my major crush on the AMAZING Danny MacAskill, who my beloved bloggees already know. But if you are new here, I give you the beautiful, poetic, skill of this adorable and immensely talented scottish dude and a half!

A year ago when I first saw this, it had 7 million hits. It’s since had ten million more! (I am responsible for about 10,000 of them, haha!!!)

And so you can spread the bike love, I found this awesome link to bike charities.

girl power + poverty + change + social justice

Further to the amazing BECAUSE I’M A GIRL website about issues affecting
young girls in the developing world, there’s going a new book of stories from
around the world. BECUZ I’M A GIRL
Sorry to be sort of tweetie today rather than bloggy,
but wanted to spread the word.

Girl power + girls matter +

imagesGirls around the world need out help. I like to think I’m aware of things but this number is truly scarios. Of the one billion people around the world living in extreme poverty, 70% are women and girls. And while we might moan, groan, complain and whine about going to school, 20 million girls never do because they can’t or aren’t allowed. Girls also face more violence than boys do.

So what can we do? You can join the sisterhood of BECAUSE I AM A GIRL from Plan Canada an international aid group. Super kewl website.

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