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It’s that time of year again – consumerama-mania. Now I’m not about to say getting gifties isn’t awesome, but getting things you won’t really want or need is so not on. So in an effort to ensure your thoughtfulness is a big hug for the planet, I’ve got some great ideas. Gifts of Hope
Plan Canada and other charities let you buy things like goats, school supplies or even train teachers. What could be nicer than honouring your favourite teacher by helping other people learn. Sure beats getting them more scented candles or picture frames. Bet they already have enough.
Also – Tony from ethical ocean passed on this link which helps you buy green, sustainable products. EthicalOcean And finally, when you are wrapping things up, try newspapers, or use giftbags or even fabric scraps or tea towels that can be reused or recycled. Love people + the planet. Happy ethical holidaze!!!


food inc. + environment + health + planet

Food Inc. was completely incredible shocking informative important! Wow! I knew that the concept of factory farming was bad, but the level of invasiveness, insidiousness and outright control on the North American diet is ASTONISHING.

Some stats to chew on – there are 47,000 products in the average supermarket. 90% have corn in them!
Cows are fed corn to fatten them up – when they should be eating grass! Being a butcher used to be safe and prestigious job back in the 50s. It’s now one of the most dangerous jobs there is and often done by exploited, undocumented workers since no one else wants to do the dirty work. Factory chickens are raised in five weeks, so quickly their bones don’t form and they can’t support themselves.

And on and on and on.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS is WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE this. Buy local. Buy in season. Buy organic. Don’t eat fast food. Processed food. Packaged food. Your body and your planet deserves so much more.

girl power + poverty + change + social justice

Further to the amazing BECAUSE I’M A GIRL website about issues affecting
young girls in the developing world, there’s going a new book of stories from
around the world. BECUZ I’M A GIRL
Sorry to be sort of tweetie today rather than bloggy,
but wanted to spread the word.

charity + cartoons + music + kindness

In the spirit of kindness, giving and happy holidaze…I present an index of OVER 80,000 Canadian charities! Zowie. Charity Directory

Plus, for yer musical enjoyment, a super fun charity video from the UK with all kinds of cartoon friends – teletubbies, spongebob, bob the builder, paddington and at 2.5 minutes there’s a great treat!
spread the love.

charity + eco-gifts + sharing

With the holidaze upon us, there’s a load of hype to get us buy groovy things so we can look + feel and BE better. There’s one commercial on TV right now that’s irritating the crap out of me.

It’s for the brilliant charity Right to Play that helps kids in the third world get to play soccer and other organized sports. Except it’s not really. It’s for Roots + Mastercard who implore you to buy something so THEY can make a donation and give themselves a corporate pat on the back. I’m like, hey, that’s nice, but why don’t we just give to the charity directly, duh? Or any charity.

There are so many wonderful causes – so instead of Secret Santa, why doesn’t everyone chip in five bucks and buy a goat, or a breakfast program for kids in your hood or save endangered animals. Just an idea. We already have so much, it’s a nice idea to share.
Right to Play
Gifts of Hope

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